Congratulations to our club members for passing these tests:

October 2018
Sarah Biggs – Swing Dance; Cha Cha; Fiesta Tango; Pre-Bronze Dance Test
Sadie Roberts – Fourteenstep; European Waltz; Foxtrot; Pre-Silver Dance Test

September 2018
Elaina Hamer – Solo Swing Dance; Solo Cha Cha

August 2018
Starcia Bainey – Dutch Waltz; Canasta Tango; Rhythm Blues; Preliminary Dance Test
Sarah Biggs – Dutch Waltz; Canasta Tango; Rhythm Blues; Preliminary Dance Test
Sadie Roberts – Dutch Waltz; Canasta Tango; Rhythm Blues; Preliminary Dance Test; Swing Dance; Cha Cha; Fiesta Tango; Pre-Bronze Dance Test; Hickory Hoedown; Willow Waltz; Ten-Fox; Bronze Dance Test; Senior Solo Free Dance

June 2018
Starcia Bainey – Pre-Juvenile MIF; Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Sarah Biggs – Pre-Juvenile MIF
Helena Larson – Juvenile MIF
Anja Lee - Preliminary MIF
Prithvi Narayanan – Pre-Preliminary MIF; Dutch Waltz; Rhythm Blues
Sadie Roberts – Intermediate Free Skate
Christina Smith – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Julia Thompson – Intermediate Free Skate

April 2018
Natalie Pearson – Preliminary MIF
Julia Thompson – Junior MIF

March 2018
Daniel Hamer – Fourteen step; Foxtrot

February 2018
Elizabeth Gibbons – Finnstep
Ellen Jun – Preliminary MIF
Grace Jun – Preliminary MIF
Christina Smith – Preliminary MIF
Karen Yee – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate; Preliminary MIF

December 2017
Mariana Capizzi – Preliminary MIF; Preliminary Free Skate
Annie Gustafson – Novice MIF
Daniel Hamer – Ten Fox; Bronze Dance Test
Elaina Hamer – Pre-Juvenile MIF
Michelle Zhang – Pre-Juvenile Free Skate; Juvenile MIF

October 2017
Sadie Roberts – Senior MIF

August 2017
Elizabeth Gibbons – Ravensburger Waltz; Tango Romantica
July 2017
Starcia Bainey – Pre-Preliminary MIF; Preliminary MIF
Daniel Hamer – Hickory Hoedown; Willow Waltz
Kayleigh Rine – Intermediate MIF

June 2017
Kendall Cramer - Pre-Preliminary MIF
Cherish Fong – Dutch Waltz; Canasta Tango; Rhythm Blues; Preliminary Dance Test
Daniel Hamer – Juvenile Free Skate; Intermediate MIF
Elaina Hamer – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate
Sarah Hart – Pre-Preliminary MIF
Ellen Jun – Pre-Preliminary MIF
Grace Jun – Pre-Preliminary MIF
Beth Kalbach – Senior Solo Free Dance
Anja Lee – Pre-Preliminary MIF
Natalie Pearson – Pre-Preliminary MIF
Sadie Roberts – Pre-Juvenile Free Skate; Juvenile Free Skate; Junior MIF
Christina Smith – Pre-Preliminary MIF
Julia Thompson – Pre-Juvenile Free Skate; Juvenile Free Skate
Lexi Tingley – Intermediate Free Skate; Novice MIF
Karen Yee – Pre-Preliminary MIF
Michelle Zhang – Pre-Preliminary Free Skate; Preliminary Free Skate

May 2017
Annie Gustafson – Intermediate MIF
Daniel Hamer -- Swing Dance, Cha Cha, Fiesta Tango, Pre-Bronze Dance Test
Elaina Hamer -- Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Preliminary Dance Test
Helena Haynes -- Juvenile Moves

April 2017
Helena Larson -- Preliminary Free Skating, Preliminary Free Skate, Pre-Juvenile Moves
Michelle Zhang -- Pre-Juvenile Moves

January 2017
Sadie Roberts -- Novice Moves

December 2016
Hunter Evans -- Senior Moves
Daniel Hamer -- Pre-Juvenile Free Skate, Dutch Waltz, Canasta Tango, Rhythm Blues, Preliminary Dance Test
Beth Kalbach -- Tango Romantica

November 2016
Beth Kalbach -- Junior Free Skating
Julia Thompson -- Novice Moves

August 2016
Beth Kalbach -- Cha Cha Congelado, Rhumba
Sadie Roberts -- Intermediate Moves

July 2016
Mariana Capizzi -- Pre-Preliminary Free Skating, Preliminary Moves

June 2016
Sarah Biggs -- Preliminary Moves
Daniel Hamer -- Preliminary Free Skating; Juvenile Moves
Elaina Hamer -- Preliminary Moves
Beth Kalbach -- Quickstep, Gold Dance
Kayleigh Rine -- Juvenile Free Skating
Sadie Roberts -- Juvenile Moves
Anjelica Rubin -- Juvenile Moves
Amber Thompson -- Pre-Preliminary Moves
Julia Thompson -- Preliminary Free Skating
Michelle Zhang -- Preliminary Moves

May 2016
Constance Gerstle -- Senior Free Skating
April 2016
Lexi Tingley -- Pre-Juvenile Free Skating; Juvenile Free Skating

March 2016
Beth Kalbach -- Silver Samba

February 2016
Hunter Evans -- Novice Free Skating
Annie Gustafson -- Juvenile Moves
Sadie Roberts -- Pre-Juvenile Moves
Kendall Routch -- Preliminary Free Skating

January 2016
Kayleigh Rine -- Pre-Juvenile Free Skating


The next test session at Pegula will be Friday, May 31, 2019. 
2019 Test Application .

**Fees are returnable only if the test session is cancelled or time constraints limit the number of candidates. Failure to pass a required test resulting in automatic cancellation of higher test will not result in a refund. 

**ALL applications will be taken on a first come first serve basis

NVFSC CANDIDATES : Please either mail the test application or place it in the slot of the NVFSC locker (far corner of the community rink). NVFSC members are exempt from the permission to test letter. 

NON-NVFSC CANDIDATES: To verify that the candidate is a member in good standing of his/her home club and has passed the pre-requisite USFS tests, please attach a letter of permission from the home club test chairman with candidate’s name & mailing address, candidate’s USFSA number, home club, pre-requisite test and date passed, and signature of the test chair of candidate’s home club.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the test chair, Rachel DeRosa, at testing@nittanyvalleyfsc.org.